Difference between Rotary Screen Printing and Roller Printing

Difference between Rotary Screen Printing and Roller Printing


Rotary screen printing is a continuous printing process. A perforated cylinder or spherical screen are used which are automatically fed with paste from inside by special pump. Each China Flat Screen Printer is independently driven. The transfer of printing paste through the perforations of the screen into the fabric is governed by specially designed squeeze blades. During printing, the paste is pressed through the surface via openings in order to obtain the desired design. The cylindrical screens allow more screens to be arranged per unit length than is the case with flat screen printing. Speed range from 30 to 50 metres/min. The standard internal circumference of cylindrical screens is 640 - 640.1 mm. However, other dimensions· are also possible. Production efficiency of rotary screen printing is high though printing cost is high due to high price of screen. Besides, different screens are needed for varying colors.

Roller Printing:

Roller printing is the most economical and fastest way of printing techniques. This type of printing is also referred to as intaglio or machine printing. The technique of roller printing is especially used for very large batches but faces great competition from rotary screen printing. Roller printing is capable of producing very sharp outlines to the printed pattern which is especially important for small figures. The maximum design repeat is the circumference of the engraved roller. Designs with up to 16 colors present no problem in roller printing.

1. In Flat Screen Printing Technology the screen is flat and moves up and down. Beside, the Rotary screen is round in size and it rotates.

2. In Flat screen printing the Squeeze is used. In Rotary Screen Printing, just Roller is used.

3. Small width fabric (45-50″) is printed on Flat Screen Printing. On the other side, large width fabric is printed on Rotary screen printing.

4. In flat screen printing pattern, there are only 6 to 8 color is available. But if you use the Rotary Screen printing, then you will be able to use 16 to 24 colors in a pattern.

5. Flat screen printing process gives a lower production rate. And the Rotary Screen printing is comparatively faster than Flat Screen printing and production rate is 3 times higher than that.

6. The initial investment cost for Flat screen printing machine is low, so that it’s less expensive. But, the initial cost of investment in Rotary screen printing is too high; so, it’s expensive.

Though, the Rotary screen printing machine is too much expensive; but in today’s contemporary textile industry uses the expensive one because of it’s productivity and flexibility.

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