The kinds of Runescape players you mentioned

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They have deleted after two years of inactivity, or at least they did back in the afternoon if I remember correctly. Either way I tried getting on my old account and it no longer exists, so I made a brand new one.I just found something which says that they do delete accounts after 5 years, here it had been longer than that Winrsgold RS Gold since my last login. Thank you for the unnecessary downvotes though. Always appreciated.

All right. I have seen posts everywhere stating it appears that my account got deleted and that accounts got deleted after an amount of time of inactivity, like I said. If it didn't, that is fine tooI don't have any access to it. That's all I can say. Also, it will be absurd if they don't delete accounts over time because servers which those accounts are stored on cost money and I have never heard of another game company that will save inactice accounts longer than a couple years.

My focus is doing whatever seems enjoyable at the moment, and that I have some long-term objectives, like unlocking prif. I'd love to get up to bossing but I am not there yet. I play to enjoy myself, so you won't see me bank status for weeks to find 200m or 120 or a 99. In addition, I love being self sufficient, so I like to collect all my own tools that I use in manufacturing skills etc. so I do not need to worry about finding the the maximum profit margin.

I really do some daily stuff to generate money to finance my general actions, but I am not a max gp/hr person I would finally like to get up to a few hundred mil so that I can buy t80 melee, ranged, and magic armor/weapons, so that's what I'm working towards now.I really love the pvm in runescape, and at its core I really enjoy making as much money as I can through legitimate ways. Fan of dyes therefore, large money sinks haha. A couple of years back I also got really into altscape and now have 4 accounts, each with its own goal, and get a lot of enjoyment seeing how far I can push myself in terms of the overall level of intensity of running all of them.

I do play for xp in my main only but the kinds of Runescape players you mentioned who are of the opinion that there's a wrong way to play a video game will likely believe I am largely inefficient, largely due to the fact I choose afkness and sanity over maximum efficiency grinds. This circles back to altscape, I skill the way I do this I can expend more energy and focus on the other accounts' moneymaking activities. Currently most of my gameplay is arc skilling on main warrior alt, Greg on pvm alt, and divine o matic alt. While arc skilling sounds great to me, Earning approx 18m an hour!

I despise skilling and I have PVM unlocks in the past and just proficient for pursuit reqs. Now working towards max, but I do the majority of my own skilling during DXP only. Who knows that could change, although I don't foresee myself going for any 120s ever. I really like PVM and questing. I'm pretty new, enjoying it so far and actually currently working my way. Also close to 99 Slayer and excited about that 120 grind. In terms of quests I actually find myself trying to take as long as you can undergo them bc I genuinely enjoy a lot of these and I know that we do not get new ones frequently. I found it more rewarding knowing of the lore and took the way into the World Wakes. Mostly I play nevertheless I feel like playing. I'm starting to perform hints every now and then and have appreciated that a lot as well.

Quests were my thing, I was really motivated to get the MQC for a little while, but I hit a wall. Absolutely can not stand Dungeoneering, and quests have fallen to the wayside lately so there's been very little motivation for me to actually play. I've been pecking away at 120 farming because it's my favorite cape, but that skill is 99% waiting to grow. I am not actually about the entire max efficiency thing, I only want possess fun, but lately that just hasn't been possible for me.

I really do alot of afk whilst doing a few irl stuff skilling. Obtaining xp while doing other stuff feels nice. I mine alot. Pvm is the thing. But I have alot to get the things I want buy osrs gold paypal. Pvm feels weird without overloads and soulsplit once I get there, but I'm really eager to boss pet hunt. I used to despise betrayal but I have been enjoying this time to it. Still can't do alot in 1 session but really reading of the quests and shooting my time has been enjoyable.

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