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2K22 has reintroduced its tried-and-true shot meter following the last year's drastic change to the polarization of the game, and it feels like overall NBA 2K22 MT, I'm making more open shots earlier in my character's evolution than I was in previous years. It's not fun that I'm an NBA player and not be able to make leaps all the time, but I'm convinced that even lower-rated characters can help this time around.

I think they've identified something that they should be leaning towards. I wish they'd lean into this instead of giving us all these side-missions and sponsorships in MyCareer. It's a question of why State Farm in this game? Am I buying insurance? And, why does MyPlayer seem to be more excited about basketball than rapping?

They're fine in specific areas, but, no, not with the State Farm thing. That's just bizarre. However, rapping, fashion sneakers and other endorsements works in the form of spots. The game needs to be less about those things , and more about the incredible basketball game we're playing.

Yes, I'm with Mike. Everything in 2K22 outside of actual in-game activity is just distracting from what the game excels at. As someone who doesn't really enjoy playing ball within The City at all, I'd go as far to suggest that I would be happy having the modes split entirely. That probably wouldn't be a good business idea Buy NBA 2K Coins, though that's why it's unlikely to be happening.