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The home is going to be renovated, and many people are troubled by such a question. Should you install floor heating? What are the benefits of installing floor heating? Which floor heating is better? I believe everyone is facing such a problem, and perhaps more than these questions, below, F1960 Fittings The manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction, come and have a look.

  1. Healthy and comfortable: Floor heating can provide heat, so that the floor temperature in the house is even. As the saying goes, warm people first warm their feet. The scientific heating equipment of floor heating gives people a comfortable feeling of warming feet and heads, and can also improve people's blood circulation. . And there will be no pollution caused by air convection, which can make the air in the house clean.

  2. Space saving: There are no radiators or fan coils and pipes in the room, which increases the use area of ​​the building, increases the floor height, and makes the room beautiful and tidy.

  1. The operating cost is relatively low: floor heating is a radiant heating method that has higher thermal efficiency than convection heating, and the heat is concentrated in the height that the human body benefits; the heat loss during the transmission process is small, and it saves about 20% compared with other heating equipment. Operating expenses are 20%.

  4. Good thermal stability: Due to the large energy storage in the ground and floor heating aluminum foil layer, the thermal stability is good, so the room temperature can be kept stable even under intermittent operation conditions.

  5. Long operating life: Floor heating pipes that meet European standards are materials that can be used continuously for more than 50 years.

  6. ​​There are requirements for floor selection: floor heating floor materials are suitable for selecting stone or composite floors with good heat dissipation and material properties that are not sensitive to temperature changes. At present, solid wood floors are not suitable for floor radiant heating systems.

  7. Occupy a certain floor height: The thermal insulation materials, coils, and the concrete covering the coils of the floor radiant heating system are all laid under the ground, so a certain floor height needs to be occupied indoors.

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